Glossy Floor

Glossy Floor for high gloss floors and walls, to protect or reinforce, transparent or with colour. Shiny tiles and walls are trendy.

Borèl offers you Glossy Floor, a system that, in eight simple steps, colours and protects concrete and other minerals while giving it a great gloss.
By deciding for Glossy Floors, you choose for a permanent, sustainable gloss.
Glossy Floor is easy to apply by using a paint roller, a low-pressure hose, or a brush.
Thanks to its environmentally friendly qualities, there is no need for safety measures while applying Glossy Floor, both inside and outside.
Glossy Floor is a waterborne polish system without acetone or other harmful solvents.

THE environmentally friendly product to give a great gloss to your concrete floors and walls.

Glossy floor offers a unique polishing system with numerous colours, even in a colour not achievable before: White.
To make the selection of colour easier, you can get a FREE test set to try it out.