Moxilon 100 Aquamix

Protects and strengthens concrete through-and-through, due to the addition to the mix water (at the factory or, later on, in the truck mixer or concrete mixer).

Advantages of using Moxilon 100 AQUAMIX:

  • Waterproof up until 70 meters below the surface, at a maximum pressure of 7 bar
  • Avoids carbonation
  • Avoids damage or discoloration due to acid rain or pollution
  • Resistant to chlorides, sea water, oil, gases,solvents, bacteria and ultraviolet radiation
  • Resistant to flaking and deterioration due to frost and thaw cycle
  • Free from harmful substances and solvents
  • Reduces bleeding and the release of toxic gases
  • Shortens the processing time
  • Prevents rust and water stains
  • Prevents moss and algae growth
  • Improves the concrete quality through-and-through
  • Excellent processability
  • Improved wear resistance and flexural tensile strength
  • Improved surface hardness
  • No ageing, pollution, discoloration or change of surface structure
  • Excellent adhesion for floor coverings, paints, and coatings
  • Extra: MOXILON 100 AQUAMIX is, simultaneously, an accelerator, a curing agent, a dust binder, a plasticiser, a topical sealer, a hardener, an isolator and a vapour inhibitor

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