Moxilon 200 Nano Base


Moxilon 200 nano base is a ready to use liquid product in transparant version. It is composed of a special mixture of Nano Lithium silicate and special additives.After the chemical reaction has taken place, the surface of the treated substrate is permanently densified and hardened.The product penetrates deeper and more even than sealing products based on Potassium and Sodium silicates. Moxilon 200 Nano base densifies the top layer of concrete and other (low) porous mineral  surfaces by a chemical reaction in the micro pores. It reacts with free lime and unhydrated cement and forms tricalcium silicate, which results in a durable, insoluble inorganic toplayer.

Main Advantages of using Moxilon 200 Nano BASE:

  • permanent surface densification
  • increased surface hardness
  • increased abrasion resistance
  • dustfree
  • lower absorption
  • maximum penetration because of low viscosity and applied Nano technology
  • Moisture stabile, prevents ASR damage because moisture can`t  swell or shrink
  • Breathing; treated concrete keeps breathing, this prevents pressure by moisture and osmosis problems.
  • fully penetrates into the substrate, not filmforming and almost indestructable
  • durable solution, permanent insoluble compounds
  • short reaction time
  • reaction hardly changes the concrete structure and appearance
  • Surface friction is hardly influenced
  • will not scatch or peel
  • simple and one-time application, no water wash required
  • minimal precautions before application
  • applicable on fresh and hardened concrete, horizontal and vertical, indoors and outdoors.
  • low maintenance; easy maintenance with Bo`s Cleaner sealer
  • Sustainable solutions; contains no harmful ingredients or solvents
  • 20 year warrantee
  • complies to CE demands EN 1504-2, see also D.O.P. Declaration Of Performance


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