Moxilon 200 Nano Hydro / Colour


Composed of waterbased nano Lithium Silicate with an extra integrated hydrophobic agent. Moxilon 200 nano Hydro/Colour has a double function. Besides densification and hardening from the surface, Moxilon 200 nano Hydro/Colour offers also permanent protection against attack by water, frost, chlorides, de-icing products, algae, moss etc. Moxilon 200 nano Hydro / Colour fully penetrates into the substrate, forms no film and is almost indestructible. Can be applied on fresh and hardened concrete, horizontal and vertical, inside and outside.Moxilon 200 Nano Hydro/ Colour is available in transparant as well as in pigmented version, with inorganic nano pigments, available in al current RAL and NCS colours.

Main advantages of using Moxilon 200 Nano Hydro / Colour:

  • acts as a curing agent and prevents shrinkage cracks and crazing
  • seals and waterproofs shrinkage cracks up till appr. 0,3 mm, permanent
  • increased surface hardness
  • increased abrasion resistance
  • waterproof surface
  • increased chloride resistance
  • dustfree surface
  • increased acid resistance
  • prevents effloressence on fresh concrete
  • surface friction is hardly influenced
  • water based, product contains no harmful ingredients or solvents
  • easy and one-time application with fast repellancy
  • applicable on ( low) porous mineral substrates
  • no to little precautions
  • maximum colour fastness
  • maximum light fastness
  • uv resistant
  • available in most current RAL and NCS colours
  • non filmforming and almost indestructible, will not peel
  • prevents from wheathering
  • prevents damage by frost,chlorides and de-icing products
  • only little downtime
  • recovery of faded colours
  • protects against moss, algae, funge etc.

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