Protecting concrete

Since 1998 is Borèl B.V. specialized in the protection of concrete and mineral porous substrates. In the couse of time, Borèl has developed a complete range of products to prevent or stabilize moisture or frost for among other things, external paving, parking decks, facades, concrete elements or walls. Treatment of porous mineral substrates with our product is helping the most moisture-related problems. Such as frost and road salt damages, pollution by algae and moss and even shrinkage cracks to approx. 0,3 mm can be permanetly sealed.

Results Moxilon 200 Nano Hydro

Results Moxilon 200 Nano Hydroleo / Colour

Results BCS2 Nanocoat

What is the result of protecting concrete?

The following images show what the effect of various liquids (olive oil, red wine, water, coffee, and tea) is on a concrete floor. In each of the pictures, while the bottom part depicts an untreated surface, the top part depicts a surface treated with Moxilon 200 Nano Hydroleo. Next to those, you see a picture representing a surface treated with Power Clean.

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